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Rights and obligations of road users

What you need to know
when participating in daily


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Road toll in Estonia

From 1 January 2018, it is required to pay road toll for all heavy goods vehicles that weigh of over 3.5 tonnes. 


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Traffic information system Tark Tee provides information about road conditions, restrictions and road works. Tark Tee helps to plan a safe journey.

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Here you can find the easiest way how to travel by public transportation.



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"Take your time, not a life!" campaign was first launched in spring 2019. The aim of the campaign is to make road users aware through real life stories that life is fragile, and injuring others because of our speeding is irreversible. We all must be responsible drivers and be accountable for our actions. Please reduce your speed.

Campaign period lasts ftom the 13th of July to 2nd of August.


The new Road Safety Programme is a continuation for the first Estonian National Traffic Safety Programme 2003–2015. It has been compiled as the base programme (with a duration of 10 years) for the National Transport Development Plan 2014-2020.

The National Traffic Safety Programme 2016-2025 (DOCX) deals with ensuring traffic security in a more comprehensive way and its goal is to decrease the number of traffic related deaths and serious injuries.

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Traffic Year 2017
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What does Estonian Road Administration do?
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Each traffic death can be avoided