Changing studded tyres can wait

20. March 2020 - 8:29

Drivers need not rush to get their tyres changed as temperatures may fall below zero in April.

 “Since weather conditions in different regions of Estonia vary, the transition period to summer tyres is flexible. Forecasts on weather websites show below-zero temperatures in the middle and at the end of April,” said the Estonian Road Administration traffic expert Villu Vane.

“Taking account of the changeable weather and the safety of road users, the police will certainly not be writing tickets for using studded tyres in April,” said Police and Border Guard Board senior law enforcement official Sirle Loigo.

Villu Vane added further, “We need decent tyres to drive safely, but we must also remember that tyres alone are not enough to ensure safety, keep the vehicle on the road and prevent accidents. The behaviour of the driver is the most important element – taking account of road conditions and selecting an appropriate driving speed.”

Be sure to control the depth of the tread pattern of your summer tyres before putting them on. If the pattern is as shallow as 1.6 mm, you should purchase new tyres because your existing summer tyres will not last the entire season. The tread pattern on summer tyres must be at least 1.6 mm deep, but you should start thinking about replacing them when the depth gets to 2 mm.

The period for using studded tyres is indicated in Annex 1 to regulation No. 42 of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of 13 June 2011 Roadworthiness requirements for power-driven vehicle and its trailer, requirements for equipment. According to the said requirements, studded tyres can be used from 15 October to 31 March. As an exception, studded tyres can also be used from 1 October to 30 April if the weather and road conditions remain wintry. Summer tyres are mandatory as of 1 May.

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