Finance and Administrative Department

Name Title Phone Mobile phone E-mail
Martin Lengi Head of Finance and Administrative Department 56495994

Document Administration Unit

Name Title Phone Mobile phone E-mail
Riina Õunas Head of Document Administration Unit 56627930
Kairit Vahter Chief Specialist 58998150
Maiju Tiitus Chief Specialist 6304808 5238824
Inga Lehti Chief Specialist 58998149
Antonina Pais Senior Secretary 4464600 5246706
Margit Vähk Senior Secretary 7408100
Liivika Sarapu Finance Controller 3258723 5107779
Erika Virroja Senior Secretary 6119300
Kadri Riimak Management's Secretary 6119300 55510547
Enna Juhkam Senior Secretary 6304800 55562530

Finance Unit

Name Title Phone Mobile phone E-mail
Reet Reili Head 56917374
Sven Nugis Business Controller 6119427 53066820
Krista Maamägi Business Controller 3258736 53003944
Marjo Jürissaar Business Controller 7408110
Kairit Martson Business Controller 4464608
Liisi Kaal Business Controller 6119426 5281978
Rita Riim Business Controller 5151972
Urve Õis Chief Expert Budgeting of and Strategy 3258728 5144902
Aime Liimets Finance Controller 6119358 56354169
Ants Jürjen Chief Expert of Investments and Road Maintenance Plan 5114416
Erkki Aarma Project Manager of Reporting and Results Measurement 6119345
Kristin Nugis Data analyst 56567582

Administrative Unit

Name Title Phone Mobile phone E-mail
Rein Einer Head of Administrative Unit 5034897
Tiina Zirk Administrator 6119306 5188286
Kermo Vinnikov Administrator 53050838
Rainer Timmermann Administrator 53002165
Raivo Burenkov Chief Specialist 7408117 5249306
Maie Kuhi Chief Specialist 6119355
Kristi Palits Chief Specialist 3258739 57502980
Andres Lehe Chief Specialist 5225464
Anti Aaremaa Chief Specialist 59819100