Road Development and Investment Department

Name Title Phone Mobile phone E-mail
Janek Hendrikson Head of Road Development Department 6119329
Taavi Tõnts Chief Engineer 6119331 5269897
Aivo Salum Chief Engineer 5083994
Tõnis Tagger Chief Specialist 6119363 53735934
Arge Kuuder Chief Specialist 6119388
Ann Siniväli Chief Specialist 6119374 56017660
Taivo-Ahti Adamson Project Manager 6119335
Erko Puusaag Project Manager 53307696
Taivo Kurg Bridge Engineer 6119397 58862220
Egle Vaan Technical Assistant 6119351

Area of Risk Management

Name Title Phone Mobile phone E-mail
Margit Rosenberg Internal Auditor 57878009