Medical certificate

When a medical certificate expires or the next medical falls due, a new medical certificate must be submitted to the Road Administration. The validity of a medical certificate can be checked via the e-service of the Road Administration.

Since 1 April 2015 doctors have only been issuing e-medical certificates (only in special cases on paper – for instance in the event of a system malfunction at the doctor’s surgery, whereby the doctor must digitalise it later). In order to obtain an e-medical certificate, you must fill in a medical declaration online at regarding your health and then make an appointment with a doctor. Once issued, an e-medical certificate is automatically transmitted to the motor registry: there is no need to come in personally to the Road Administration to submit your medical certificate.

If you have a medical certificate on paper that was issued before 1 April 2015:

  • medical certificates must be submitted to the customer service of the Road Administration or by post;
  • a medical certificate can also be submitted to a service bureau by e-mail, but in this case the certificate must be digitally signed by the doctor.

A driving licence cannot be applied for on the basis of an incorrectly compiled medical certificate, as in this case the certificate is inconsistent with legislation.