Introducing more systematic traffic education in the training programmes of traffic trainers (pre-school and school teachers, cyclist trainers, driving instructors):

  • training for cyclist trainers – for training 10-year-old cyclists, which ends with an examination (cycling license);
  • training for persons who accompany groups of children – for guaranteeing the safety of pre-school and primary school teachers during study trips;
  • training for the teams of educational institutions to teach them how traffic education can be integrated into the study process;
  • in-service training for driving instructors;
  • in universities, as an optional subject (partially) in teacher training.

Training aimed at risk groups:

  • Risk prevention training for young people
  • Training for elderly pedestrians, cyclists and drivers
  • Training aimed at the unemployed


Traffic education conferences on different important topics have been organised for various target groups every year since 2010. This year we focus on road courtesy related with 0-vision principle from new Road Safety Strategies of Estonia.