"A Guide for Pedestrians to the Traffic of Estonia"

"A Guide for Pedestrians to the Traffic of Estonia" offers tips to pedestrians or users of public transport. Walking is becoming increasingly valued as it is healthy and cheap. At the same time, traffic is becoming more complicated and intense for pedestrians who, together with cyclists, are the most vulnerable road users in the traffic environment.

The material contains valid traffic rules, different alternatives for crossing the road – unregulated, regulated pedestrian crossing with a traffic light – as well as rules that apply when crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. It also offers tips on how to travel on roads as a pedestrian, where should a pedestrian be located on footpaths and cycle tracks, and why it is important to wear a reflex reflector and make yourself visible in traffic. Important definitions are listed at the end of the material in order to help you better understand the text.

Read more here (10.82 MB, PDF).