Traffic safety campaigns

Objectives of traffic safety campaigns: reducing the number and frequency of traffic accidents and the damage they cause.

  • Informing about legal amendments
  • Raising the awareness of road users of risks and safe behaviour in traffic
  • Changing the attitude of road users
  • Changing the behaviour of road users

Factors of effectiveness of the campaigns

  • Selection of the target group
  • Clarity and unambiguity of the message
  • Optimal duration of the campaign
  • Suitability of media outlets for the target group
  • Consideration of external factors (social norms, peer pressure, behavioural barriers)
  • Combined/related activities (legislative drafting, police actions, traffic education)

Assessment of the effectiveness of campaigns

  • Focus group studies (Preliminary testing)
  • Surveys (Changing attitudes; Alleged changes in behaviour)
  • Reviews (Change in actual traffic behaviour)


Examples of our campaigns