Theory test environment

The theory test environment provides an overview of how an actual theoretical driving test will look like. At present, the Road Administration does not have a separate learning environment. There are several environments available for study purposes and there are also study materials available in book shop. The Traffic Act, which can be found here, and Regulation No. 12 established on the basis of the Traffic Act, which can be found here, are both very important resources.

There is only one correct answer to each question in the theory test.

The images below show how answers should be given during the theory test.

In the first example (example No. 1), the answer No is selected for the question Does this sign prohibit driving straight forward? The theory test programme shows that the answer to this question was correct immediately after the end of the test – the examinee selected the correct answer No, whereas the option Yes is also correct (highlighted in green) because it was not incorrectly marked as the answer.

Example 1

Example 2

In the second example, a second answer is marked. Immediately after the end of the theory test, the theory test program shows that the question has been answered incorrectly, because the incorrect answer was marked. An incorrect answer is shown in red. The first answer is shown in green, because an incorrect answer is not marked. The third answer is shown in red, because it was not marked, but it was actually the correct answer.