Traffic education

Objective of traffic education: To guarantee lifelong traffic education that supports road users, is systematic and consistent, and based on shared responsibility.

Everything starts at home and the region’s traffic culture, primary examples. The role of educational institutions is to support families. The role of the Road Administration is to guarantee study aids, development activities in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, research institutions and universities.

The Road Administration is the creator of various preventive measures at the level of state since 1995. We see systematic traffic education throughout life: from pre-school to elderly road users.

  • Systematic development of skills and knowledge; shaping the values, attitudes, behavioural models at pre-schools and schools.
  • Traffic-related training: cycling training at schools, quality of the instruction/instructors at driving schools.
  • Development of in-service training programmes to guarantee people’s mobility and quality of life.

In Estonia, traffic education is integrated in preschool, basic school and upper secondary school curricula as part of Health and Safety. Curricula is being developed further in 2020, which will include the integration of traffic safety topics in the learning processes of various subject syllabi as well. For example, many topics concerning traffic safety are included in the syllabus of physical education: diverse and healthy physical activity, orienteering, safe physical activity, learning about various vehicles (e.g. hoverboard, (electric) scooter, skateboard, etc.) and cycling practice to support the cycling training carried out at schools. Guidance materials have been developed to help teacher cover the top and the newest of them is the teacher’s handbook on safety published in 2017.


Surveys of educational institutions


Supporting the teachers of preschools and general education schools via free refresher has been one of the priorities of the Road Administration for more than 20 years (

We have commissioned surveys of how traffic education is given in educational institutions since 2012. The objectives of the surveys are to identify how educational institutions manage to integrate the topic of traffic and to receive feedback and an input for our activities. You can watch the animated summary of the survey carried out in 2019.