Protect yourself and help others! (KEAT)

KEAT is a cooperation project of the Rescue Board, the Police and Border Guard Board, the Defence League, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the Estonian Red Cross and the Road Administration.  KEAT is a project with a long tradition (it has been running in Jõgeva County for over 22 years and for 7 years throughout Estonia).

Safety training for 6th year students of general education schools takes place within the scope of the project (or training is offered to teachers who will then discuss the topic with children).  The project ends in every county at the end of the study year with a safety camp. A team of eight members from each school can take part in the camp. Our experience shows that there is a lot of interest in taking part in the project, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for schools to fit the lectures into their timetables, as the quantity of activities offered to them is extensive. The idea of integrating safety topics has been offered as a solution.