In-service training for elderly drivers

The training is aimed at active motor vehicle drivers aged 60+. The theoretical part of the training (6 academic hours) gives an overview of the traffic situation, the causes of traffic accidents, major changes in traffic legislation and the risks of driving every day. A GP that talks about the impact of age-related health issues on traffic safety will also be involved. The GP talks about the following topics: vision and eye diseases, reaction speed and possible changes in it as a result of age, attention, hearing, various diseases, side effects of medicines and their unfavourable confluence from the viewpoint of driving. The practical part contains two driving lessons per trainee with feedback.

Driving lessons will be carried out with learner cars rented from a driving school. Cars with manual and automatic gearboxes will both be used.

We have successfully carried out this training in the four largest cities in Estonia since 2015. Earlier, the Road Administration financed the training to the extent of 100%, but since 2016 it covers 50% of the cost and the other 50% is covered by the local government.