Traffic safety strategies

Goals of traffic safety programmes  - reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries:

OLD! Corrected goal of NTSP 2003-2015: Reduce the number of fatalities to 75 and the number of seriously injured persons to 454 as the three-year average from 2014-2016

NEW! Goal of TSP strategy for 2016-2025: Reduce the average number of fatalities in Estonia from 2012-2014 (as the average from 2023-2025) by at least 50% and achieve the situation where the number of persons seriously injured in traffic accidents does not exceed 330 per year as the average from 2023-2025

Indicators of the new traffic safety strategy:

Number of persons killed 82 50 40
Number of persons seriously injured 475 370 330
Total number of persons killed and seriously injured 557 420 370

In order to achieve the goals, we will focus on the three main areas of the transport system that have an impact on traffic safety:

Responsible road user who is aware of threats. Every road user themselves is responsible for guaranteeing their safety and being responsible about the safety of other road users.

Safe vehicle. The measure is aimed at increasing the efficiency of safety and transport functionality, and inspection of the technical condition and safety of the motor vehicle and their trailers that participate in traffic.

Safe environment. The goal is safe and efficient traffic, which is socially and ecologically acceptable and considers the special traffic requirements associated with different seasons. The focus will be on less protected road users. The biggest challenges are reducing car traffic in cities by improving the options for walking, cycling and using public transport, and offering new services with the help of smart solutions.

Every area contains measures necessary for achievement of the goals of the traffic safety programme. The new programme also describes the principles of traffic safety and the planned activities. Specific activities comprise the implementation plan of the traffic safety programme, which complies with the budgeting strategy of the state.