FAQ – How the new trip planner works

14. July 2020 - 11:12

Why have you switched to a new trip planner?

The old apps (peatus.ee and m.peatus.ee) were becoming outdated. Errors were occurring in them, and feedback showed that users weren’t finding them particularly convenient to use. The complex way in which the apps were built up meant it made no sense to try to fix or improve them either. At the same time, an effective trip planner was definitely needed, since the number of people using the apps is growing all the time.

Will the trip planner undergo further development?

The trip planner is being tweaked and added to all the time. We are currently gathering feedback and dealing with initial problems.

What makes the new trip planner better than the old one?

You can use the new portal on a computer or a phone – the layout switches automatically to fit the screen.

In the old portal you could only plan trips between specific stops, but the new one allows you to do so between locations, and the trips it offers that involve changing from one bus or tram (etc.) to another are now more feasible.

In the past there were three sites: www.peatus.ee, tartu.peatus.ee (for Tartu’s urban routes) and the mobile site m.peatus.ee. Now all of that information has been gathered together on one site: https://peatus.ee/.

Using the map app, you can easily find information on which routes stop at which stops by clicking on the stop in question.

How do I plan a trip on peatus.ee?

If your smartphone or computer enables your location to be pinpointed, you can use that to work out what your best ways of getting around are. The ‘Nearby’ window will display upcoming departures from the stops closest to you.

When searching for a route to take, enter your starting point, which can be a general location, an address or a stop. Locations and addresses are marked with a location icon, while stops are marked with a flag icon.

Routes between locations or addresses always account for the time it will take you to walk from the starting point to the initial stop and from the final stop to your destination.

For information on a specific route and departure times, click on the route.

How do I find the timetable for a specific route?

You can enter the number of the route in the search field and then choose from the options given. The view which then opens will list the stops along the route and forthcoming departures. You can also select the ‘Timetable’ view, which will list all of the departure times for that day.

How do I find information about the routes departing from a specific stop?

You can search for a stop in two ways: on the map or via the search function. When you find the stop on the map, click on it and you will see forthcoming departures. Clicking further on the name of the stop, you will see the following:

‘Imminent’ – A longer view of imminent departures

‘Timetable’ – All departures from the stop with times for the selected day

‘Routes’ – A list of the routes departing from the stop

How can I add locations, stops and routes to my favourites?

On the front page you will find a separate window, ‘Favourites’, to which you can add frequently used locations and stops so as to find them more quickly later. On your computer you will find this window on the right-hand side of the screen, while on your phone it will be at the bottom of the page.

You can add routes to your favourites by clicking on the star icon in the timetable view.

How do I tell the different forms of transport apart?

There are different-coloured route numbers and icons on different routes.

How is information about departures on accessibility-friendly buses marked?

This information can be found in a route’s timetable view. The departure times of accessible buses are underscored in dark blue.

Does the trip planner also show ticket prices?

Not at the moment, but there are plans to add ticket information to the site in the future.

How do I leave feedback?

You can give us your feedback here.