Medical certificates and theory tests extended due to state of emergency set to expire on 18 August

30. July 2020 - 12:48

Almost 12,000 medical certificates for motor vehicle drivers and the results of 840 theory tests expired during the state of emergency (16 March-31 May), but the terms of both were extended to 18 August.

If a driver’s medical certificate expires, their licence is suspended and they no longer have the right to drive. To ensure the continued validity of your medical certificate, you must first complete a health declaration in the patient portal and then contact the person who will conduct your check-up (e.g. your family doctor). Once issued, an e-medical certificate is automatically transmitted to the motor registry: there is no need to come in personally to the Road Administration to submit the certificate, and your licence will not be suspended.

A total of 14,576 medical certificates are set to expire on 18 August. If you have such a certificate, you can check its validity by contacting your family doctor or on the self-service site of the Estonian Road Administration. You will need to log in to the site in order to check your certificate.

If the results of your theory test are due to expire, come in and register for a driving test before 17 August. If you have not done so by this date, you will need to sit another theory test at a later date. The results of your theory test will remain valid even if your driving test is scheduled for a date later than 18 August.

Bear in mind that if you wish to change the date of your driving test to later than 18 August, the validity of the results of your theory test will be checked when you register again for the driving test. If by that time more than 12 months has passed since you took your theory test, you will have to register to sit the theory test again.

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