A modern new trip planner is ready for use!

14. July 2020 - 11:05

A new trip planner has been available online at https://peatus.ee/ since 26 June. The old portal will remain available for use until 30 September.

What makes the new trip planner better than the old one?

You can use the new portal on a computer or a phone, since the layout switches automatically to fit the screen. As such, we will be closing the https://m.peatus.ee/ page.

In the old portal you could only plan trips between specific stops, but the new one allows you to do so between locations, and the trips it offers that involve changing from one bus or tram (etc.) to another are now more feasible.

In the past there were three sites: www.peatus.ee, tartu.peatus.ee (for Tartu’s urban routes) and the mobile site m.peatus.ee. Now all of that information has been gathered together on one site at https://peatus.ee/.

We will gradually be adding real-time data for public transport to the trip planner, starting with urban and county routes in Pärnu and surrounds.

In order to make the trip planner even better, we invite everyone to give us feedback here.

This project has been supported by the EU Structural Funds. Its main aim is to make the use of public services simpler and more convenient so that more people prefer to use public transport instead of cars.