New number of Road Information Centre will be 1247

2. December 2020 - 8:51

Starting from 1 January 2021, the new number of the Road Information Centre will be 1247.

"We’re moving towards people needing to remember fewer phone numbers when they need help," explained Raido Randmaa, the director of the Road Maintenance Service of the Estonian Road Administration in the capacity of the Director General. "As such, we’re taking the current number 1510 and merging it with the already familiar number 1247."

The transition to the new number will take time, and both numbers will initially work in parallel. Calls to the number 1247 will be free of charge. Calls will be taken in Estonian, Russian and English.

"In fact, 1510 enquiries are already being taken by the same Emergency Response Centre employees who are answering calls to the number 1247, which is why the transition to the new number from the receiving end will definitely go smoothly," Randmaa added.

"We have responded to more than 100,000 calls to 1247 since March," said Kätlin Alvela, Director General of the Emergency Response Centre. “The other helplines operated by out centre – 1313, 1524 and 1510 –take nearly 55,000 calls per year. I’m pleased to note that the 1247 helpline has been well received by the public since it opened in March.”

All roadside information signs will be replaced ones featuring the new number in January.

Information about problems on state roads can be forwarded to the Road Information Centre – for example, if there is a traffic problem on a road, a road is covered in manure, soil, sand, etc., there are dangerous holes in a road, a gravel road is in poor condition or a road is slippery or snowy. You can find more information here.

The helpline registers the messages and forwards them to the traffic management centre of the Estonian Road Administration, road maintenance or other cooperation partners.