As of 1 January 2018 road toll applies to all heavy vehicles that weigh over 3.5 tonnes

As of 1 January 2018 it is required to pay road toll for all heavy goods vehicles that weigh over 3.5 tonnes and are used on the public road network. ...Read more

What to keep in mind when driving in winter?

When driving on Estonian roads, please take into consideration the wintery road conditions that may change rapidly and choose the appropriate speed. You are not obligated to keep to the ...Read more

What are the summer speed limits on the national roads?

Every spring, when the weather and road conditions are favourable, the Estonian Road Administration increases the maximum speed limit allowed on the four-lane roads with separated driving directions. This year, ...Read more

In which languages can I take examinations at the Traffic Registry?

Theory and driving examinations will generally be conducted in Estonian. When taking the traffic theory examination on a computer, it can be done in two additional languages other than Estonian: ...Read more

Who can be an interpreter for driving and theory exam?

Can a relative/friend accompany me to the examination so that they can act as an interpreter? Theory and driving examinations can be conducted in a foreign language when the Road ...Read more

Legal alcohol limit

What’s that? Why do we use it? What is the penalty? Legal alcohol limit is the maximum allowed blood alcohol level. In Estonia, it is forbidden to drive a vehicle ...Read more

Speed limits in Estonia

What’s that? Where does it apply? What is the penalty? A speed limit is the maximum allowed speed, unless specified otherwise with a traffic sign. The speed limit: on roads ...Read more