Road Administration continues with contactless customer service

Most services of the Road Administration can now be provided without any contact or with minimal contact. In order to reduce the risk of infection, more than 14,000 documents (e.g. ...Read more

Estonian public road network developed for 215 million euros this year

In 2020, the Road Administration will be developing the road network for 190 million euros from the state budget of Estonia, and 25 million euros of external funds will also ...Read more

Changing studded tyres can wait

Drivers need not rush to get their tyres changed as temperatures may fall below zero in April. “Since weather conditions in different regions of Estonia vary, the transition period to ...Read more

Road Administration offices closed and driving tests suspended for at least two weeks

In connection with the state of emergency declared in Estonia, the Road Administration has closed its service centres and suspended driving theory tests and driving exams for a period of ...Read more

Conduction of official theory and driving tests will change as of 1 February

01.02.2020 will bring changes to the training provided by driving schools as well as the way official theory and driving tests are conducted. The new system will be more considerate ...Read more
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Please urgently renew your expiring digital tachograph card

As we are switching to another card manufacturer, the card output may be briefly interrupted in February, thus delaying deliveries of cards ordered after 29.01.2020. Therefore, we advise you to ...Read more
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Only winter tyres designed for Nordic climate allowed from December 2022

From 1 December 2022 studless winter tyres used on vehicles must be designed for the climatic conditions of Nordic countries. Tyres that comply with this requirement carry a mark with ...Read more
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UK driving licenses in Estonia will become invalid a year after Hard Brexit

The Estonian government decided to amend the Traffic Act ahead of Brexit to allow UK’s driving licence holders to continue driving in Estonia in the future. “We want to maintain ...Read more

You can now take the category B driving test with the driving school’s automatic transmission vehicle.

As of this week, driver candidates may take the driving test not only with the Road Administration’s vehicles but also with the driving school’s B category vehicles with automatic transmission. ...Read more

Start the motorcycle season by recalling the driving methods

Despite a fickle weather, the spring is here and we can see more and more motorcyclists in the traffic. In 2016 and 2017, there were no fatalities among motorcyclists in ...Read more