Wear a mask when taking exams at the Road Administration agency and while visiting the service bureau

Pursuant to the decree of the Government of the Republic you must wear a mask to reduce the risk of infection when taking exams and visiting service bureaus of the ...Read more

Operation of driving schools restricted to prevent spread of epidemic

On 9 April 2020 the Government of the Republic ordered the suspension of the training of power-driven vehicle drivers, car drivers and drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in order ...Read more

Conduction of official theory and driving tests will change as of 1 February

01.02.2020 will bring changes to the training provided by driving schools as well as the way official theory and driving tests are conducted. The new system will be more considerate ...Read more

You can now take the category B driving test with the driving school’s automatic transmission vehicle.

As of this week, driver candidates may take the driving test not only with the Road Administration’s vehicles but also with the driving school’s B category vehicles with automatic transmission. ...Read more