Nominate a candidate for the traffic safety award

10. October 2018 - 10:29
Tänuüritus 2017
Tänuüritus 2017

The Road Administration awaits candidates for the traffic safety award, which is meant for thanking the most outstanding local governments, companies, cooperation partners, event organisers, teachers, and active people in the field for the tenth time. Candidates can be nominated until 4 November.


The awards are given in seven categories, including regionally and nationally:

  1. the award of local government;
  2. the award of responsible company;
  3. the award of traffic safety exemplar;
  4. the award of surpriser of the year;
  5. the award of cooperation partner;
  6. the award of event;
  7. the award of teacher (teachers of kindergartens and schools, teachers of driving schools and traffic training providers, and youth workers and volunteers).

For the first time, the award of surpriser of the year is awarded this year. This award is designated to recognise spectacular and innovative solutions and ideas how to solve problems related to traffic safety.

A proposal is submitted to nominate a candidate in which it is justified why the candidate should be awarded. The requirements for submitting the candidates and for the candidates themselves are available in the statute of the traffic safety award. The necessary documents are available on the website of traffic education.

The Road Administration committee, which consists of employees from the departments of prevention work and traffic safety, selects the persons, organisations, and event organisers worthy of recognition. Recognition recipients are thanked at a festive reception, which takes place in Harjumaa on 6 December.

The recognition recipients of the 2017 traffic safety award are available here.

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