Only winter tyres designed for Nordic climate allowed from December 2022

19. October 2020 - 15:23
Märk rehvil

From 1 December 2022, studless winter tyres used on vehicles must be designed for the climatic conditions of Nordic countries. Tyres that comply with this requirement carry a mark with three mountain tops and a snowflake.

The mark looks like this: 

From this year onwards, winter tyres are also compulsory for vehicles of categories L6e (four-wheel scooters) and L7e (ATVs). Winter tyres are still compulsory for vehicles of categories M1 (car, up to 8 people), N1 (van, gross mass not exceeding 3.5 t) and O2 (trailer, gross mass exceeding 0.75 t but not exceeding 3.5 t).

Studded tyres can be used from 15 October until 31 March, with this period extended until 30 April if the weather and road conditions remain wintry. Winter tyres are compulsory from 1 December until 1 March.


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