Estonian Road Administration

The Estonian Road Administration (ERA) is a government agency operating within the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. On the basis and to the extent prescribed by law, the ERA performs the implementation of state policy and development programmes, management functions, state supervision, and applies the enforcement powers of the state in the field of road management, traffic safety, public transport and the environmental safety of vehicles.   

In performing its duties the ERA represents the state. Its activities are based on the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union, international treaties which bind the Republic of Estonia, the regulations and orders of the government of the Republic, the regulations and directives of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications and the statutes of the ERA, as well as the relevant regulations of other ministers.

The main functions of the Road Administration are:

  • road management and creation of conditions for safe traffic on national roads;
  • improvement of traffic safety and reduction of harmful environmental impact of vehicles;
  • organization of traffic and public transport;
  • state supervision over compliance with the provisions of legal acts within its area of activity and implementation of the enforcement powers of the state;
  • management of the National Road Databank, the Vehicle Register and the Public Transport Information System;
  • participation in the development of the legislation regulating its area of activity and making recommendations for amendments in the legislation as well as participation in working out the terminology connected with its area of activity;
  • participation in the elaboration of policies, strategies, and development plans in its area of activity and participation in the preparation and implementation of international projects.

The structural units of the ERA were departments and regions in 2012. A region is a regional structural unit. A region implements the state policy and development plans within its area of activity, has a management function and carries out state supervision and enforcement powers in road management, traffic safety, environmental safety of vehicles and manages the register of vehicles, tachograph cards, driving licences and other documents prescribed by law.

The regions are:

  • the Northern Region with the area of activity in Harju and Rapla county;
  • the Southern Region with the area of activity in Jõgeva, Põlva, Tartu, Valga and Võru county;
  • the Western Region with the area of activity in Hiiu, Lääne, Pärnu, Saare and Viljandi county;
  • the Eastern Region with the area of activity in Ida-Viru, Järva and Lääne-Viru county.

Estonian Road Museum


The Estonian Road Museum, established in 2002, operates as a department of the Estonian Road Administration, is situated in the former Varbuse Post Station by a historic Tartu-Võru post road in Põlvamaa. The mission of the Estonian Road Museum is to offer educating and entertaining activities to certain target groups on the basis of the developing and expanding road history databank  and specific topic based road data.   With the support of the European Regional Development Fund, new open-air areas offering attractive educational and recreation facilities for visitors were opened in the summer of 2010.


Road Information Center


Road Administration supplies road users with information about road and traffic conditions via the Road Information Center. The information includes current road conditions and traffic restrictions on state roads. The Road Information Centre works 24/7

Phone: +372 614 0500
Toll free number for local mobile phones: 1510
e-mail: teeinfo [at]