International cooperation

The Estonian Road Administration has been involved with international cooperation since it was first founded back in 1918. At first, cooperation partners only included our neighbouring countries, but over time cooperation has become more global. One of ERA’s first cooperation partners was the Finnish Road Administration. After regaining independence in 1991, our first cooperation partners were once again the Finnish Transport Agency and the Finnish Road Administration. Later on, Latvia, Lithuania, other Nordic countries and countries from elsewhere in Europe and beyond joined that list.

At present, ERA is involved with international cooperation on three levels:

  • The European Union
  • International organisations
  • Bilateral

The European Union

The Estonian Road Administration participates in the work of the Technical Committee of Motor Vehicles (TCM) for sustainable mobility and motor industry functioning under of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry and Entrepreneurship.

ERA also works with the driving license committee and the Community Database on Accidents on the Roads in Europe (CARE) of the Directorate-General for Transport and Mobility. We work with the European Environment Agency and several other European institutions.

International organisations

ERA works with and is represented in the following international organisations:

  • World Road Association (PIARC ).
  • Association of European Vehicles and Driver Registration Authorities (Eregis)
  • Conference of European Directors for Roads (CEDR).
  • European Car and Driving License Information System (EUCARIS).
  • International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA).
  • Confederations of Organizations in Road Transport Enforcement (CORTE).
  • International Commission for Driver Testing (CIECA).
  • The Standing International Road Weather Commission (SIRWEC).
  • Baltic Road Association (BRA). Cooperation dates back to 1932. In 2014, the Baltic Road Association was founded as a non-profit association to increase cooperation. Currently, BRA is presided over by Estonia and in 2018 Latvia will assume its leadership. 
  • Nordic Road Association (NVF). It has become traditional for the coordinators of the Nordic and Baltic road associations to come together once a year. As NVF unites the representatives of one particular field in all of northern Europe, a lot of discussions concern cooperation opportunities and needs. The organisations conduct joint seminars and work meetings.
  • ERA involved with several projects that include cross-border cooperation, such as the EU-funded Est-Lat-Rus Programme that took place in 2007-2015. Estonia designed the first roundabout in Pechory, Russia, which was opened in the second half of 2015. At present, new cross-border cooperation programmes Est-Rus and Est-Lat are under way and due to last until 2020. The Estonian Road Administration is participating in the Est-Rus programme, the object of which is to repair the road network in the area of Värska and Saatse villages in cooperation with Värska municipality and Pskov Oblast in Russia. Our Road Museum also has strong contacts for cooperation with Pskov.


The Estonian Road Administration welcomes numerous delegations of road and traffic experts from Europe and elsewhere every year. ERA also organises meetings in Estonia for work groups from international organisations. We are learning ourselves, but we also share our expert knowledge with presentations during international conferences, seminars and work meetings. Our specialists go on inspection and study trips to other countries and experts from other countries, such as from the Nordic countries, Germany, Belarus, Georgia and other places, come to Estonia to share their experiences with us.