Operating areas and structure

The Estonian Road Administration is a government agency within the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications tasked with organising road maintenance of national roads, planning the mobility of people and vehicles and ensuring traffic safety. 

Main tasks of the Road Administration:

  • creating conditions for safe, sustainable and functional traffic on national roads and planning the mobility of people and vehicles;
  • planning and maintenance of national roads;
  • improving traffic safety and organising traffic education;
  • minimising the environmental impact of vehicles;
  • organisation of traffic and public transportation;
  • conducting supervision and misdemeanour procedures in compliance with the requirements proceeding from legal acts regulating the Administration's area of activity, and applying the enforcement powers of the state;
  • maintenance of databases proceeding from legal acts;
  • participating in the development of policies, strategies, development plans and legal acts related to its area of activity and in the preparation and implementation of international projects;
  • implementing national policy and development plans within the Administration's area of activity;
  • representing the state in international communication within the Administration's area of activity;
  • the collection, scientific research, preservation, organisation and introduction to the public of any materials which reflect the history of Estonian roads and the development of road technology and traffic for educational and cultural purposes.

The main activities of the Road Administration are performed by the Strategic Planning Service, Road Maintenance Service and Traffic Service, each headed by three Directors who report to the Director General with the General Manager of the Estonian Road Museum and department managers of support services.

Teerullid asfalteerimas


Structure of the Estonian Road Administration as of May 1, 2019

  • Director General
    • Director of Strategic Planning
      • Infrastructure Development Department
        • Design Requirements and Traffic Management Development Unit
        • Design Unit
        • Environmental Unit
      • Infrastructure Management Department
        • Road Register Unit
      • Strategic Planning Department
      • Infrastructure Services Department
      • Head of North Strategic Planning
      • Head of West Strategic Planning
      • Head of East Strategic Planning
      • Head of South Strategic Planning
    • Director of Road Maintenance
      • Road Maintenance Development Department
      • Road Maintenance Organisation Department
      • Traffic Management Centre
      • North Road Maintenance Department
      • West Road Maintenance Department
      • East Road Maintenance Department
      • South Road Maintenance Department
    • Traffic Director 
      • Public Transport
        • Public Transport Control Service
        Vehicle Registry Department
      • Prevention Department
      • Examination Department
        • Examination Centre
      • Technical Department
      • Information Centre 
      • Tallinna Service Office
      • Pärnu Service Office
      • Jõhvi Service Office
      • Tartu Service Office
    • Support Area
      • Legal Department
        • Public Procurement Unit
        • Surveillance Centre
      • Personnel Department
      • Public Relations Department
      • Information Technology Department
      • Finance and Administrative Department
        • Administrative Service Unit
        • Records Management Unit
    • Estonian Road Museum
    • Public Services Development Manager
    • Risk Manager
      • Internal Auditor
  • area
  • Department
  • unit
  • Regional department
  • service bureau