State fees

State fees have been established by law for the activities of Road Administration. State fees are regulated by State Fees Act. The rate of the state fee and requisites for payment (receiver of payment, account number, statement of payment and reference number) are required for paying the state fee.

E-service state fee only applies if the application is submitted and the state fee is paid through e-service

At the service bureau only card payments or bank transfers are accepted as payment for state fees. A state fee of up to 10 euros can be paid in cash. 

Refund of state fees

Submission of applications for refund of state fees 


A person who has paid a state fee can submit an application for a refund of the state fee within two years from the end of the year of payment of the state fee. Application forms are available at all service bureaus.

We recommend to carefully examine the accuracy of the necessary data: name, account number, personal data etc.

The completed application can be:

  • brought to the closest service bureau;
  • sent by post to the address Teelise 4, 10916 Tallinn;
  • sent digitally signed to the e-mail address info [at]


 Refund of state fees


The Road Administration will verify the accuracy of the data provided in the state fee refund application and the correctness of the application. The resolution on refund of the state fee shall be adopted and the state fee shall be refunded within 30 calendar days after the date of receipt of the corresponding request. The resolution to refund or refusal to refund shall be issued to the person who has paid the state fee or their representative.

The state fee shall not be refunded if the information concerning payment of the state fee is unavailable to the Road Administration or the claim to refund has terminated.