Strategy, mission, vision and values

The main objectives of the Estonian Road Administration for 2016-2019 are set out in the strategy of the Estonian Road Administration.

ERA’s strategy is based on effective legislation, ERA’s statutes and the long-term guidelines of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to the ERA’s Director General. ERA’s strategic objectives proceed from national development plans and action programmes as well as available financial resources.




The Estonian Road Administration builds a safe and functioning traffic environment.

The Estonian Road Administration (ERA) is a government agency operating within the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. ERA provides public services, which allow road users to use the created road network in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring its preservation and operation.

At the same time, the ERA applies requirements to road users and vehicles to ensure a safe and working traffic environment. In an effort to meet the needs of road users, ERA wants to makes use of the best practices applied elsewhere in the world when providing their services.

With public transportation management, ERA influences the environmentally-conscious and sustainable behaviour of road users.



To become a sought-after competence centre for road users and partners.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Presenting information in an understandable and timely manner.
  • Offering safe, optimal and innovative traffic solutions to road users.
  • Implementing new IT-solutions in areas where road users need them, including developing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).
  • Helping with legislation to provide road users with the best service.
  • Strengthening cooperation with partners.
  • Using and conducting coordinated researches about environmentally safe and durable materials in road constructions.
  • Using given financial resources in an efficient and transparent manner and improving internal financial planning.
  • Increasing the competence of ERA's employees and creating a work environment that promotes self-development.


Employees hold values that form the nature and culture of the Estonian Road Administration as an institution. Supporting common values contributes to decision-making and helps ERA become a caring partner for their customer groups concerning all services and functions, and also be a good manager for public property.

In our day-to-day activities, we follow these values:


  • we keep our promises colleagues, customers and road users;
  • our intentions are sincere and actions honest;
  • our employees are loyal to the institution they work for and value its good reputation;
  • we ensure competitive parity for our partners;
  • we respect our customers, partners and colleagues and value time, opinions, agreements and each other’s contribution.


Focusing on results

  • we have clear goals that we wish to achieve;
  • we are focused on finding solutions and set measurable goals;
  • we use the time and human and financial resources at our disposal effectively.


  • our decision-making processes and action plans are transparent and responsible;
  • we are open to every kind of feedback and inform both the public and our colleagues of our intentions, decisions and actions;
  • we recognise diversity of opinions and are not afraid to say what we think or admit to our mistakes;
  • we are a social organisation with a positive attitude towards life.




  • we value dedication, the search for knowledge and initiative;
  • we know that the key to our success is educated and competent specialists and experts;
  • we use the best local and international practices;
  • we are one of the leading developers of public services.