Passengers of Ida-Viru County bus lines are kindly asked to enter buses via middle and rear doors whenever possible

31. August 2020 - 13:08

To protect the health of bus drivers, from now on passengers of Ida-Viru County public bus lines are to enter buses via middle and rear doors, if the bus has more than one door.
A sanitary zone is established from the front door to the first row of seats and passengers are not allowed to be there. Due to this passengers are also under no obligation to prove their right of travel in buses that have more than one door.
“These crucial measures reduce the risk of bus drivers becoming infected. Otherwise we might end up in a situation when most buses are taken off the lines because there are not enough drivers. We hope that passengers understand the need for this,” explained Kirke Williamson, Head of the Public Transport Department of the Estonian Road Administration.

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