Free travel

Eligibility for free travel on domestic routes:


  • Children under 7

  • Children whose schooling has been postponed

  • Disabled person up to 16 years of age

  • Person with a severe disability aged 16 and over

  • Person with severe visual impairment

  • Person accompanying a person with a profound or severe visual disability

  • Guide dog or assistant dog accompanying a disabled person


    Eligibility for free travel on state funded regional bus lines and long-distance bus lines:

    • Persons with moderate disabilities
    • Severely disabled people
    • Persons with partial work ability
    • Persons with complete incapacity for work
    • Persons with pension for incapacity for work
    • Assistant of a person with severe mobility impairments
    • Assistant of a severely disabled person
    • Persons under the age of 20
    • Persons over the age of 63

    Fare free county transport is in effect in following counties: Ida-Viru County, Jõgeva County, Järva County, Lääne County, Põlva County, Saaremaa, Tartu County, Valga County, Viljandi County and Võru County. This includes fare free travel between county centres in long-distance buses operated by local PTA’s

    Persons up to the age of 20 and from the age of 63 can travel free in following counties:

    • Harju County
    • Lääne-Viru County
    • Pärnu County
    • Rapla County