Public transport in Estonia

The Public Transport Department in Estonian Road Administration (ERA) is responsible for planning and organizing public transport according to demand and promoting use of public transport by that reducing society's social and economic costs for transport, energy and infrastructure.

Key functions of the public transport department

  • Co-ordinates the development of county and nationwide public transport;
  • Designs and optimizes the nationwide line network;
  • Develops principles for supporting public transport;
  • Prepares the basic conditions for public procurement of regular transport (if necessary, conducting or participating in procurements);
  • Grants regular services licenses and approves timetables for domestic long-distance coach service;
  • Advises public transport in matters concerning the drafting and implementation of a public service contract as well as establishing a route network;
  • Manages the financing of regular bus services provided on the basis of a public service contract;
  • Manages and develops national public transport register;
  • Participates in the development of draft legislation in the field of public transport;
  • Carries out public transport supervision.