Public Transport Information System

Public Transport Information System (PTIS) groups together information to plan, manage, supervise and use public transport services.

It was created with the help of the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms. 

The information systems provides public transport managers all the information required to plan routes, build a uniform route network (including timetables co-ordinated between different transport modes) and create a single ticketing system. 

Public transport register open data


The open data of the public transport register consists of an outtake of data entered in the national public transport register with data content with a simplified structure, including descriptions, timetables and the locations of stops of domestic public transport routes.

Open data is freely accessible to all interested parties. Upon reusing the open data in publicly accessible channels (including websites, applications in smart devices), the party reusing the data commits to providing references to the original source of the data and guarantees that any data used in any publicly accessible applications is no older than 7 days from the moment the data is downloaded from the website of the Estonian Road Administration.

Access to the public transport register open data is available at, from there you can download an archive file called containing following txt/csv file formats with data:

  • agency.txt
  • calendar.txt
  • calendar_dates.txt
  • feed_info.txt
  • routes.txt
  • stop_times.txt
  • stops.txt
  • trips.txt

The structure of the data contained in files complies with the GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) format developed by Google for public transport schedules and associated geographic information. The structure of the data and links between different data fields have been described in the GTFS reference material, which is available here.

According to the GTFS specification, txt-formatted data files may, in addition to the data fields prescribed in the specification, also contain extra data fields that are used to provide a more accurate description of the public transport route network based on regional characteristics. The meaning of the data fields contained in the open data of the public transport register (including additional fields not present in the main GTFS specification) has been explained in clause 4 of the added document.