Registration of a watercraft and amending register data

The use of recreational crafts, ships with a total length of less than 12 metres and personal watercrafts on the territorial and inland waters of Estonia is only permitted if those have been entered into the relevant registers. In Estonia, the data of the mentioned watercrafts and their owners is entered into the traffic register. Watercraft categories have been listed here.

In order to register a watercraft, an application must be submitted to the Road Administration by its owner who is a natural person whose permanent residence is in Estonia or who has a permit of residence in Estonia, or a legal person registered in Estonia. The requirement of registration does not apply if the watercraft has been entered in a register of another country.

Watercrafts (recreational crafts and personal watercrafts) must pass a pre-registration inspection test at the Road Administration or Maritime Administration before they can be registered. Pre-registration inspection tests of watercrafts that are new and being registered for the first time may also be carried out by an official importer of the watercraft who has concluded a relevant contract with the Road Administration.

Turn to the Maritime Administration for a pre-registration technical inspection if:

  • the recreational craft has been self-made or reconstructed;
  • relevant data is unidentifiable for some reason (data is regulated by the Maritime Administration);
  • the recreational craft is a ship with the total length of less than 12 metres.

The following documents must be submitted for registering a watercraft:

  • application of the watercraft owner or the owner’s representative;
  • registration certificate of the watercraft (if it has been previously issued) in case of a used watercraft;
  • sales contract of the watercraft or other documents proving ownership and origin of the watercraft, also documents validating and proving the importation and customs clearance of the watercraft.
  • technical inspection report in case of a recreational craft and personal watercraft;
  • technical inspection report issued by the Maritime Administration in case of a ship with a total length of less than 12 metres or a ship that is to be re-registered as a recreational craft;
  • authorisation document in case the applicant is a representative of the owner of the watercraft;
  • a personal identification document of the applicant;
  • other certificates and documents according to the legislation.

A state fee should be paid for the registration of the watercraft.