Road Administration continues with contactless customer service

13. April 2020 - 11:08

Most services of the Road Administration can now be provided without any contact or with minimal contact. In order to reduce the risk of infection, more than 14,000 documents (e.g. driving licences and vehicle registration certificates) have been sent to the home addresses of clients and almost 500 licence plates have been sent to parcel terminals.

It’s possible to register, buy and sell vehicles, change driving licences and request delivery of documents by post in the e-service of the Road Administration. For example, it’s possible to register watercraft and agricultural machinery, apply for an international driving licence and order certificates of competency.

7,923 changes of vehicle owners have been registered, 6,304 vehicles have been temporarily deleted and 3,924 driving licences have been changed in the e-service of the Road Administration since the start of the state of emergency.

The provision of services at service bureaus is still restricted in order to prevent the spread of the virus, as most services can be provided without contact (in the e-service or by e-mail). The bureaus serve clients by appointment only if the service cannot be provided in the e-service or by e-mail, and the provision of the service is essential.

However, theory and driving tests cannot be taken without contact. After the end of the state of emergency, the Road Administration will give the people whose tests were cancelled another time slot for the test free of state fee. The test times of people who registered for the tests via their driving schools will be changed in cooperation with the driving school.

The frequently asked questions sent to the Road Administration about the provision of services in a state of emergency and the responses to them can be found here. It’s important to remember that you must follow the instructions given on the website or in the e-service in order to have your applications reviewed faster.

The Road Administration will provide services without contact until 26 April, when it will review its measures and inform about further action on its website.

The best thing to do is stay at home!

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