Camera locations

Locations have been chosen based on the statistics of road accidents with human casualties in the past five years, traffic volume, the speed of vehicles on that section, access to electricity and local environmental conditions. Traffic signs informing road users of speed cameras will be installed on the appropriate road sections.

As of 29 Octoberber 2020, there are 67 measuring booths installed on the state-owned roads of Estonia, and five of these cameras allow measuring from both directions. The Estonian Road Administration also manages 2 booths installed in Tallinn. Altogether there are 69 measuring booths in Estonia.

  • 22 measuring booths between kilometres 41-150 of the Tallinn–Tartu–Võru–Luhamaa road
  • 11 measuring booths between kilometres 92-141 of the Tallinn–Pärnu–Ikla road
  • 11 measuring booths between kilometres 127-202 of the Tallinn–Narva road
  • 4 measuring booths between kilometres 3-17 of the Ääsmäe–Haapsalu–Rohuküla road
  • 1 measuring booth on the 1st kilometre of the Tallinn–Saku–Laagri road
  • 4 measuring booths on kilometres 13-19 of the Tallinn–Rannamõisa–Kloogaranna road
  • 6 measuring booths between kilometres 7-26 of the Tallinn–Rapla–Türi road
  • 5 measuring booths on kilometres 16-25 of the Tallinn–Paldiski road
  • 2 measuring booths between kilometres 42-43 of the Risti–Virtsu–Kuivastu road
  • 1 measuring booth on the 3rd kilometre of the Rakvere–Haljala road
  • 2 measuring booths in Tallinn at the crossroad of Tulika tänav, Endla tänav and Sõpruse puiestee (so called Kristiine cross)

The Estonian Road Administration can use 46 measuring systems in the boxes. The systems are rearranged from time to time.