Penalty fines and notices

If a speeding camera has automatically detected someone exceeding the permitted speed limit, a penalty notice will be put together for the person authorised to use the motor vehicle. The notice is usually signed digitally. The penalty notice includes a payment order and a pre-filled contestation form.

The notice does not include a copy of the photo. A copy of the photo used to identify the speeding will be sent to the person authorised to use the motor vehicle upon if the latter submits an appropriate application. The application must be validated with a signature or digital signature. Sending an application to receive the photo does not stop the 30-day deadline for paying the fine. The photo will be sent by post or electronically to the address of the authorised user. If the photo taken by the speed camera reveals other persons in addition to the driver in the car salon, the images of all other persons (except the driver) will be blurred for personal data protection.

Pursuant of the Traffic Act, the penalty for exceeding the speed limit is a cautionary fine the amount of which in euros is calculated by multiplying the number of kilometres above the speed limit by 3. The cautionary fine can be up to 190 euros.