Road maintenance in the summer

Maintenanse works in summer:

  • maintenance of road area – mowing, brush cutting and clearing, taking down individual trees, greenery damage repair, hedge trimming;

  • maintenance of embankments and ditches – damage repair, cleaning of water drainage channels and ditches;

  • pavement patching – filling in potholes, cracks and joints in permanent and light pavement; strip coating on sections;

  • maintenance of roadsides – cutting down, filling and planning;

  • maintenance of culverts – cleaning streambeds, repairing damages of wing walls, fixing isolation, making or repairing reinforcements;

  • maintenance of service facilities – maintenance of resting areas of parking lots, equipment at waiting platforms and other service facilities (benches, tables, trash cans);


  • cleaning and maintenance works – cleaning pavement from dust, dirt, residue of de-icing; removing foreign objects from the road and road area; cleaning resting areas and the territory of bus stops; spreading siftings on places with condensation;

  • marking works – updating markings;

  • traffic control devices – cleaning, maintenance and replacement of traffic signs, direction signs with text on them, marked posts and barriers;

  • profiling gravel roads – cutting off bumps, filling holes and hollow places, giving the right profile to the paving;

  • dust control – carrying out dust control on road sections with a lot of traffic.