Special permit for driving large or heavy-goods vehicles

The special permit for driving large or heavy-goods vehicles on national roads is issued by the Estonian Road Administration. In order to obtain the special permit, please fill in the following application form (XLS) and send it to veoluba [at] mnt.ee.

The special permit is generally issued to the applicant via e-mail within three working days of receiving the application together with all coordinated documents. 

More information on the terms and conditions of special carriage and the special fee rates is available in Regulation No. 114 of 4 September 2015 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure “The terms and conditions of special carriage, the procedure for special carriage, issue of special permits as well as compensation of costs caused to the road owner, the fee for reviewing a special permit and the special fee rates”.

For the use of roads belonging to local authorities, please contact the respective local authority or its authorised legal person; for the use of private roads, please contact the road owner or their authorised person.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact us: telephone +372 612 0100