Tallinn ring road E265 ITS project

Dynamic traffic and truck parking management i.e. Tallinn ring road E265 ITS is a project for the establishment of dynamic traffic control and a smart truck parking. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for traffic management, monitoring and for informing road users will be installed on kilometres 0-30 of Tallinn ring road in the TEN-T network and a smart and safe area for parking trucks will be built.

Information boards, variable speed limit and warning signs already known to road users will be installed on Tallinn ring road. Traffic counting stations, an accident detection system, road weather stations and traffic cameras will also be installed. The new solutions that will be used include a traffic diversion system and V2I/I2V (vehicle to infrastructure/infrastructure to vehicle) equipment via which vehicles and infrastructure communicate. The exact solution of the traffic diversion system will be clarified in the course of the study of transport and intelligent transport systems.

V2I/I2V communication systems improve the awareness of drivers of possible dangers and help reduce the likelihood of a traffic accident, resulting in a safer traffic environment. This technology will also improve the efficiency of traffic by giving warnings about traffic jams ahead, allowing for alternative routes and guaranteeing more environment-friendly driving. Although applications such as Waze, Google and others already offer this kind of help, this technology will leave out the human link and the vehicle will get the information it needs for making decisions itself.

A smart truck parking area will also be built on Tallinn ring road by the border of the City of Tallinn and Veneküla village (km 1.5). The share of trucks on Tallinn ring road is constantly growing. According to the survey of 2017 (PDF), the weighted average traffic density on the ring road in the last ten years (2006 vs 2016) has increased 36% whilst the number of road trains has doubled on average in the same period of time. A parking area with 100 spaces will be built there to make traffic on Tallinn ring road safer.

One of the goals of the European Union is to create a dense network of safe truck parking areas. This will benefit (truck) drivers, transport companies, forwarders, logistics specialists and the entire society, as the safety of drivers, goods and means of transport will increase. These facilities can also have a significant positive impact on traffic safety through rested and stress-free drivers.

A snow scaffold, toilet, information kiosk, modern lighting, cameras and open WiFi area will be established at the parking facility designated for trucks only. Information about free spaces in the truck park is collected with sensors and send directly to the vehicle via the DATEX II data exchange service of the Road Administration as well as on the nearest information boards on Tallinn ring road or through the V2I/I2V transmitter. The truck park is planned in such a manner that the private sector will be able to build a service station (food service and other miniservices) there in the future.

All the ITS solutions will be implemented and integrated in the existing traffic management centre of the Estonian Road Administration. A special study of transport and intelligent transport systems will be carried out before the physical activities for the better preparation of pilot projects and better implementation of activities.

Start of project: June 2019
End of project: December 2023
Cost of project: €5,000,000
European Union support: 38%
Location: Public road 11 Tallinn ring road km 0-30

Planned schedule of project                    

  • 2019-2020 study of transport and intelligent transport systems
  • 2020-2022 pilot I – design and establishment of dynamic traffic management km 10-20
  • 2020-2022 pilot II – design and building of smart truck parking area km 1.5
  • 2021-2023 design and establishment of dynamic traffic management km 0-10 and 20-30