Start the motorcycle season by recalling the driving methods

8. April 2019 - 14:53

Despite a fickle weather, the spring is here and we can see more and more motorcyclists in the traffic. In 2016 and 2017, there were no fatalities among motorcyclists in Estonia, but the year 2018 was not that fortunate and six motorcyclists were killed. A safe and stress-free traffic begins from the cooperation of all road users.

Because a motorcycle is a very different vehicle compared to a car and requires right driving skills, it is very important to recall the right driving methods and feel for the vehicle at the beginning of the motorcycle season before entering the traffic. For driving to be safe throughout the season, it is important to consider the following matters:

  • always use high-quality protection equipment;
  • wear bright clothing;
  • avoid driving in the blind spot of vehicle drivers;
  • adhere to the speed limit, so that other road users can take you into account;
  • if you have been drinking, do not drive;
  • use both brakes when braking;
  • when making a manoeuvre, use your turn signals;
  • keep a safe separation and lateral distance.

The obligation of safe driving does not lie only in motorcyclists, so we remind all vehicle drivers that:

  • motorcyclists can be hidden behind trees/bushes and other cars at an intersection;
  • motorcyclists can be in your car’s blind spot;
  • when approaching from afar, motorcyclists can remain unnoticed due to their size or blending into the background (wrong coloured clothes/equipment)
  • a motorcyclist “weaving” within the lane is not fooling around but trying to make himself/herself visible to others;
  • motorcyclists might not use a brake (the brake light will not signal stopping), so keep a safe distance. The brake light may also be left unnoticed because the taillight is always on;
  • the stopping distance of the motorcycle depends on the experience of its driver as well as the attributes of the vehicle, so keep a safe distance, because the belief that the motorcycle is smaller and thus has a shorter stopping distance compared to a car is not true;
  • motorcycles usually have better acceleration compared to cars;
  • road conditions affect motorcyclist more than a vehicle driver because road surface markings, manhole covers as well as loose sand, rubble on the road can all be dangerous to a motorcyclist.

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