Reconstruction of a vehicle

The owner must submit an application for the reconstruction of a vehicle.

Digitally signed and freely formatted application can be submitted by sending an e-mail to info [at] or by filling in the proper form at the Road Administration service bureau. If the applicant is not the registered owner of the vehicle, written authorisation or a copy of the sale/purchase contract must be added to the application. If the vehicle belongs to a legal person, the application must be signed by a board member.

Reconstructed vehicle must meet all established technical requirements, but the requirements are applied on the basis of the time the vehicle first came to use. It is recommended to draw up a table that includes photos and keep all purchase invoices of materials and works related to the reconstruction.

The Road Administration shall inspect the vehicle given permission for reconstruction after the reconstruction has finished to verify that it complies with established technical requirements. If the reconstructed vehicle meets all requirements, the technical department of the Road Administration shall draw up a decision of reconstruction for the vehicle.

A state fee shall be paid for amendments to the register data.