Amending register data

Amending register data means changing, adding or omitting data about a vehicle or watercraft and persons relating thereto.

In order to amend register data, the owner, his representative or another entitled person of the vehicle/watercraft must submit a proper application to the Road Administration within five working days of the change in the data.

The Road Administration has the right, if necessary, in particular if vehicle data is amended or needs to be specified or the vehicle does not have a valid identification number, to require the vehicle to be presented for inspection before amendments are made to register data.

Even though it is not necessary to carry registration certificate daily, it is necessary for conducting traffic register activities, except if you are applying for activities through the Road Administration e-service. Please make sure that you carry a valid registration certificate when coming to the Road Administration service bureau.

The Road Administration conducts register activities on the basis of an application submitted by the vehicle owner or the owner’s representative or another person entitled to apply for register activities. The application and other necessary supporting documents must be submitted in at least written or other equal electronic form.

The application should at the least state the following:

  • the vehicle owner´s name and surname or business name, personal identification code or register code, number of the personal identification document, contact details (address, telephone or e-mail address);
  • the name and surname of the representative, personal identification code or date of birth, number of the personal identification document in case the application is submitted by a vehicle owner´s representative;
  • vehicle data (registration number, identification number)
  • Register activity applied for;
  • the name and surname or business name of related persons (e.g. user), personal identification code or register code, contact details (address, telephone or e-mail address).