Amending data regarding persons related to the vehicle

Amendments of personal data linked to the vehicle must be formalised within five working days of the change in the data. We recommend using the Road Administration’s e-service which, in addition to being convenient, also has cheaper state fees but relevant register activities can also be applied for at Road Administration service bureaus.

It is not necessary to present the vehicle for inspection in order to amend personal data, but if you are applying for amendments at the service bureau, a valid registration certificate must be presented in addition to other required documents.

The following amendments of personal data must be formalised:

  • Amendments to the vehicle owner´s data

- change of name, legal form or location of a legal person;

- change of name or place of residence of a natural person;

  • Change of ownership

- on the basis of a document proving transfer of ownership (e.g. sales contract);

- on the basis of a bilaterally signed application at the Road Administration service bureau in the presence of the owner and buyer of the vehicle or their authorised representatives;

- on the basis of a notarised contract, certificate of succession or other notarised document.

- on the basis of a court order or ruling (e.g. vehicle confiscated by the state);

- on the basis of an act or contract signed by insurer

  • Amendments to the data of the user or users of the vehicle

- Change of authorised user

- Adding/changing/omitting user(s)

The vehicle is generally registered to one person. In case a vehicle has several owners, all owners shall be registered as co-owners and one co-owner shall be appointed by them to be registered as an authorised owner. Registration certificate shall state the owner and authorised user and the comment field will include a note stating "co-ownership".

Up to 6 users, including 1 authorised user can be added to the vehicle.

In case the owner or (authorised) user of a vehicle that has a notation concerning a prohibition on disposal, the consent of the setter of the notation concerning a prohibition on disposal has to be submitted along with other required documents. The amendment of register data of a wanted vehicle is not allowed.

Transfer of a co-owned vehicle without the consent of the other co-owner is not allowed. In case the co-owner is not present at the service bureau at the time the change of ownership is formalised, a written or digitally signed consent must be presented.

User of the vehicle can be changed or entered on the registration certificate on the basis of a written application by the owner of the vehicle or their authorised representative and it must include the personal identification code, name and surname and address of the user, and register code, business name and location in case of a legal person. If the vehicle is being used under a contract for use or a sales contract with reservation of title of ownership, data of the relevant contract and consent of the authorised user must be submitted in order to enter the authorised user in the register.