Notification of transfer

In case of vehicle transfer the registered owner may submit a proper application to the Road Administration in which he states that the vehicle is to be transferred. The application must include a document proving transfer of ownership (e.g. sales contract). This will help avoid problems and disputes in cases where the new owner of the vehicle has not fulfilled his legal obligation to register the vehicle within five working days. The registered owner, however, is held responsible for various legal requirements (e.g. cautionary and parking fines etc.).

If the new owner of the vehicle has not applied for a change of ownership within the given time period, the Road Administration will temporarily delete the vehicle from the register (until the application is submitted). The use of a vehicle that is temporarily deleted from the register is prohibited!

The Road Administration will make a proper entry on the basis of the application submitted by the registered owner which will also include the data of the new owner. This is not the entry of ownership transfer, only the notification of the fact that the previous owner has notified the register of the ownership transfer!

Notification of transfer does not require presenting the registration certificate.