Pre-registration inspection of vehicles

Every vehicle must pass a pre-registration roadworthiness test before the vehicle can be registered in Estonia.

The vehicle must be brought to the Road Administration service bureau where the pre-registration roadworthiness test is carried out.

  1. A specialist can be called up to the vehicle/watercraft from the Road Administration service bureau to carry out the pre-registration roadworthiness test of tractors and mobile machinery and their trailers, but also for the pre-registration inspection of small crafts. A state fee should be paid for calling up the Road Administration specialist. For further information on calling up a specialist contact the nearest Road Administration service bureau.
  2. In case of new vehicles, the pre-registration inspection can be carried out by a vehicle manufacturer who has concluded a contract with Road Administration, their representative or a recognized distributor.

The following documents must be submitted to the inspector:

  • in case of a new vehicle:

    - the vehicle’s whole certificate of conformity (CoC) that includes the whole type approval of the vehicle or

    - other relevant documentation, which includes the vehicle’s technical information provided by the manufacturer but does not include the whole type approval of the vehicle.

  • In case of a used vehicle:

    - valid registration certificate of the country of origin (both parts if the registration certificate consists of two parts);
  • identification document of the vehicle owner or his representative;
  • documents proving legal acquisition of the vehicle;
  • authorisation letter in case the person submitting the vehicle is not the owner;
  • other documents required by legislation.

During the pre-registration roadworthiness test the vehicle is identified and its compliance with established requirements, type approval and submitted documents is examined. An inspection act that states vehicle information and the decision regarding the vehicle’s compliance with established requirements shall be drawn up. An inspection act stating “Meets the requirements” is needed for vehicle registration.

If vehicle with such technical information has not been previously registered in Estonia, the technical department of the Road Administration will inspect compliance with type approval requirements and, if satisfied, vehicle information shall be entered to the traffic register after which the vehicle can be registered. Data verification and entry may take up to 30 days, under the normal procedure – up to 10 days.

The inspection act is valid for 12 months after it is issued. In case the vehicle has not been registered within that time, the vehicle must again be submitted for a pre-registration roadworthiness test before its registration. In case technical requirements are changed within the set time frame and the vehicle does not fulfil new requirements, the pre-registration roadworthiness act becomes invalid after new requirements are applied.

Cooperation of the Road Administration and the Tax and Customs Board


In cooperation with the Tax and Customs Board the Road Administration implements an additional document control for automobiles that were first registered on 01.01.2014 or later. Documents will be examined and the owner will be notified of the decision regarding the vehicle registration (under the normal procedure this may take up to 3 days).

NB! From December 1st 2017 the document pre-registrational control service is available only through Road Administration e-service! The e-mail eelkontroll [at] is closed.