Vintage vehicle

A vintage vehicle is a vehicle that reflects the development of research or engineering, is of cultural and historical value and of interest to collectors or museums, was manufactured at least 35 years ago, and has been approved as a vintage vehicle.

Vintage vehicle approval means verifying that the vehicle is to be classified as a vintage vehicle according to the technical condition and originality requirements. Vintage vehicle approval is carried out by two specialists authorised by at least five vintage vehicle clubs and approved by the Road Administration, who will issue a certificate of vintage vehicle approval.

A certificate of vintage vehicle approval is issued upon approval as a vintage vehicle, one copy of which shall be sent to the Road Administration.

The certificate of vintage vehicle approval is valid for 12 years, the latest certificate of approval invalidates all previously issued certificates.

A vintage vehicle registration certificate is issued to be valid for 12 years following the date of recognition.

Vintage vehicle specialists recognised by the Road Administration and Estonian Union of Vintage Technology Clubs:

Name Phone E-mail Location Area of Expertise
Urmas Teearu 508 7150, 
646 1288
urmas.teearu [at] Tallinn Motorcycles
Märt Karu 5668 4440,
674 8050
vanakaru [at] Tallinn Motorcycles
Tony Laan 5342 4905 tony.laan [at] Tallinn Motorcycles
Heikki Perli 501 6583,
657 2111
ekspertheikki [at] Tallinn Trucks, fire engines
Tõnis Pappel 5647 7141 tonispappel [at] Tallinn Dodge
Aleksander Muhu 518 2344 sass.muhu [at] Tallinn MG, English and German cars
Tiit Talts 521 3692 tiit.talts [at] Pärnumaa Trucks, off road vehicle
Väino Karu 508 4742 karumaru1 [at] Pärnu ZAZ, VAZ, Volga, Pobeda, Moskvitch
Raivo Raju 524 6891 raivoraju [at] Jõgevamaa Trucks, motorcycles Harley-Davidson WLA, BMW
Arnold Lõhmus 747 3765   Tartu MB, Opel
Heino Jaanus 507 4690 heinojaanus [at] Tartu Buses, ZIS-110
Meelis Juursoo 507 2278 meelis.juursoo [at] Tartu Volga
Henn Siilbek 5646 3575   Tartu Tchaika
Raivo Ojaveer 528 2250 raivo19 [at] Võru Moskvitches
Vello Vilu 5558 5956,
325 1893
vilukas [at] Lääne-Virumaa

Motorcycles, Adler, Volga, MB

Tõnu Piibur 511 6265 tonu.piibur [at] Harjumaa Buses
Tarmo Riisenberg 510 9124 rederev [at] Viljandi Motorcycles
Aivo Kossal 504 0473 aivo [at] Harjumaa SAAB, VOLVO, English and USA after war cars
Raivo Hannus 504 3614 raivo [at] Pärnu Aero
Andres Valgerist 504 8070 andres [at] Tartu Cadillac
Martin Muhu 514 1352 info [at] Tallinn English, Italian, USA cars and pre-war German cars
Siim Sadrak 5381 7751 silmaring11 [at] Tallinn

VAZ, Volga, Moskvitch

Jaan Sild 505 6985 jaansild [at] Tartumaa Motorcycles
Anti Seli 501 7007 anti [at] Tartu

Volga, VAZ, Tchaika, Moskvitch

Margus Siilbek 5341 1042 margus444 [at] Põlvamaa Volga, ZAZ, M-401, JAWA, Harley-Davidson WLA
Andrei Lossev 5808 9948 losev58 [at] Narva DKW ja NSVL motorcycles
Anatoli Lavrentjev 551 7984 lavrentii_69 [at] Ida-Virumaa NSVL motorcycles
Reigo Vilu 503 8205 reigo.vilu [at] Lääne-Virumaa Jawas