The inspection of a tractor shall be carried out at an inspection station or at the location of the tractor if the owner i.e. user of the machine so orders.

Tractors, mobile machinery and their trailers may be submitted for periodical technical inspection or re-inspection requested by roadside inspection authority to any inspection station regardless of the place of registration of the vehicle. It is important to know that the inspection station needs to have the right to carry out the inspection of a vehicle of this category.

For a re-inspection of a periodical technical inspection, the vehicle must be submitted to the same inspection station where the initial re-inspection was imposed.

The compliance or non-compliance of the vehicle with the current roadworthiness requirements is determined as a result of the inspection. If the vehicle passes inspection then the month and year of the next inspection will be written on the registration certificate.

Changes in the design and construction of the machine may only take place pursuant to the written permission of the Road Administration.


Documents required at inspection


When visiting the inspection, the owner, lessee or user of the tractor must submit the following documents to the inspector:

  • registration certificate of the tractor or its part B;

  • personal identity document.

In addition to the above according to the type of inspection the following documents must be submitted to the inspector:

  • a certificate about checking the technical condition of a vehicle at the roadside must be submitted at a re-inspection which was requested by roadside inspection authority;

  • the historical vehicle recognition certificate must be submitted at the inspection of a historical vehicle.



Deadlines for submitting for inspection


A tractor that is newly registered (new vehicle) must be submitted for periodical technical inspection after 24 months from registration at the latest.

A tractor that is in use must be submitted for regular inspection after 12 months from the last inspection at the latest.

NB! Roadside inspection authority’s referral to a re-inspection invalidates the valid periodical technical inspection After passing the re-inspection a new inspection time is calculated.