Who can be an interpreter for driving and theory exam?

22. September 2016 - 16:10

Can a relative/friend accompany me to the examination so that they can act as an interpreter?

Theory and driving examinations can be conducted in a foreign language when the Road Administration and the examinee have agreed to do so. If necessary, an impartial interpreter can be involved (the applicant of the driving permit shall pay the relevant costs). A relative or a friend is a close associate of the examinee and can therefore not participate in the examination as that may affect the course of the examination.


How can I get an official interpreter for the examination?

The use of an interpreter and their suitability has to be approved beforehand by the head of the particular bureau of the Road Administration in which the examination shall be conducted.

An interpreter will be accepted quicker if documentation is presented proving their competency. An interpreter has to be impartial – they cannot be a close associate or someone who has links to you.

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