You can now take the category B driving test with the driving school’s automatic transmission vehicle.

10. April 2019 - 15:35

As of this week, driver candidates may take the driving test not only with the Road Administration’s vehicles but also with the driving school’s B category vehicles with automatic transmission. The choice is yours.

You can register to the test with the driving school’s category B automatic transmission vehicle only through the driving school.

What you need to know about the test and vehicle if you choose to take the category B test with the automatic transmission vehicle:

  • If the test is taken with the driving school’s vehicle, the driving instructor sits on the front seat and the examiner in the back. 
  • The driving school’s vehicle shall have extra pedals with operational signalling devices.
  • The driving test will be recorded and the recording device is installed into the vehicle by the examiner for the time of the test. Other recording devices in the vehicle shall be switched off during the driving test or removed, if necessary.
  • The driving instructor is not allowed to comment the test, provide assistance to the driver candidate or otherwise intervene with the test while it is being taken. In case of intervention, the test will be cancelled.
  • The vehicle used for the test shall comply with the requirements of the regulation no. 50 “The procedure for the examination of motor vehicle drivers and granting the right to drive and forms for the driver’s licence and requirements for the vehicles used in examination”.


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